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If you are looking to buy a dog, then you should seriously think about a Siberian husky. This is a breed that is well accustomed with mankind, being the perfect companion, especially after a proper training session.

General information

A Siberian husky is a medium to large working dog breed, and its name comes from the place from where it originates, which is the north-eastern Siberia. The breed is easily recognizable by its furred double coat, its sickle tail, and its erect triangular ears. Huskies are active and energetic, being accustomed with cold weather, since their ancestors come from the Siberian Arctic. This is the reason these dogs have been imported to Alaska, spreading later on throughout Canada and USA. Even if the main reason they were sent to Alaska and Canada was to serve as sled dogs, they have rapidly become family pets, being also used as show dogs.
The first sled dogs are among the oldest breeds of dog, and the nowadays husky is a direct descendant. It has been speculated the fact that the name of husky comes from the nickname “Esky” that used to be applied to the Eskimos and their dogs. This is a breed that is used to survive the cold weather, being helpful for the communities that live in such places. The Siberian huskies have helped entire tribes of people who have managed to survive. There are many people who use these dogs during their expeditions to the Pole.


The Siberian huskies have almond shape eyes, being pale blue, dark blue, green, brown, or amber. There are many situations when one eye is blue while the other is brown for instance. Their nose color differs according to their own color. Therefore, it may be tan, liver, or copper-colored. The tail is heavily furred, being used in order to warm themselves during the cold weather. Ideally, they have to be somewhere between 21 and 23.5 inches, weighing somewhere between 45 and 60 pounds.


It has been established that the Siberian husky lives somewhere around 12 and 14 years. Most of the health issues are genetic, but usually the sled Siberian huskies suffer from other ailments, such as gastric disease, ulcerations, or bronchitis. You should take it regularly to the vet.

Family pet

This is a breed that can be easily trained, becoming a beloved family pet, especially by children. There are many people who own one thanks to its beauty, being able to attend several competitions. They have a lot of energy, being playful, and therefore if you own one, you have to be careful, since they can be quite destructive if you don’t accord them a proper care.  
Now that you have more information concerning the Siberian husky, you can easily take the right decision, choosing whether to get one or not. Just like having any other dog, there is a lot of responsibility, and therefore you should be careful to every single decision that you have to make.